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eVisa to Oman

Omen eVisa - Application form - Apply now!

eVisa to Oman

Begginers guide to get an eVisa to Oman

The sultanate of Oman is a country located in the Middle East that limits with Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates, although is not as well-known as its neighbors is a hidden treasure that you definitely need to visit. It has a mesmerizing oriental architecture, a dessert with hidden oases, beaches, the largest turtle nesting site in the world, and the kindest people you can ever meet. When planning to travel to Oman, is important to know that just as almost every other country in the Middle East you will need a visa to enter it. Oman understands the benefits of technology so to provide more comfort to its tourists they created the eVisa, keep reading to find everything about it.What is the eVisa to Oman?

It is a document that allows your entrance to the country. It exists since march 2018. The benefits from this type of visa is that the process is quickly and the tourist doesn’t need to take long travels to embassies to apply. Is an easy way to keep control on every person that enters the country, and check what are they real purposes to visit the country.

eVisa to Oman
eVisa to Oman

Who needs this eVisa?

There are just 6 countries that don’t need a visa to enter Oman:

Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates

If you are not from one of those countries you will need an eVisa. Citizens of 71 countries are eligible to get the eVisa (USA, and Canada are in the list). There is an eVisa conditional that applies for only 25 countries, such as India, Peru or Mexico. Citizens of those countries need a visa or residence permit from Canada, US, UK, Japan, or Australia.How to get the eVisa to Oman.

Oman eVisa
Oman eVisa

All the process is done online, you will need these documents:

A scan of your passport (that has to be at least 6 months valid from the date you are going to arrive to Oman).A digital photo of your face. It has to be on a white background, your face needs to look straight at the camera, don’t use hats or glasses.A return ticket (you don’t need it to apply, but the officials might ask for it when you enter Oman).Valid hotel booking.

Once you have everything you need to apply, fill in the application form with your personal information, this step is really fast, and easy.

Make the payment: You can use your credit card for this step. The cost of this visa is generally 69EUR-149EUR. Although it can be more expensive if you want to get it faster. The standard processing time for the eVisa is 4 days. The fastest processing time is 24 hours if you pay more.

Wait for the approval. You will receive the approval sent to your email. Keep in mind that you need to print it, this step is important because the official at the Oman airport will check it.

The only current way to enter the country if with an Evisa, the visa for arrival type is no longer available, and you have to apply for the eVisa outside of Oman, so make sure to get it before travelling. You can choose which type of eVisa you want when you apply, from a 10 days single entry to a 30 days multiple entries. If you don’t use the visa after one month you received it you’ll to reapply for it. The visa remains valid from 6 months from the day of your approval. Unfortunately you can’t renew or extend it in Oman.Benefits of getting an eVisa to Oman.

You do all the process for the eVisa in your home.Everything is done online: the application, payment, and approval.Saves you time: you don’t have to travel to the embassy.An eVisa is the new way governments use to simplify the visa process, check, and verify important information that the tourist provide, such as personal data, return flight ticket, financial capabilities, medical records, etc.Allows the government of Oman to keep real statitics of the number of tourist they receive each year.The eVisa saves the government from all the time they spend receiving visa applicants in appointments, all the adminisitrative work that comes with checking the documents, returning the passports, scanning the documents, etc.